Very Simple Pos Application In C# .net

I am looking to create a very simple POS (Point of Sale) System created on C# .net for my project. For the database it should just have 5- 6 table like customer, vendor, invoice, product, orders etc. with some random datas. It should be created as a Windows Form Application in Microsoft Visual Studio. Basically it will be a basic Form with 4-5 tabs like customer, vendor, product , invoice etc. User can add/edit product from the form which will update the database. They can choose this product and create a order that will show the total cost + discount, which will also generate an invoice. And if possible, I would also like a simple reporting section that will show, total sales (weekly, monthly etc.). This whole application is just for my personal project which I don’t need to use in the real work, so it can be created very simple, but most of the things should be functional. And it’s also better if I can have some documentations. I need to get this done in few days. Let me know your thought.

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