Database Interface Application


I have a company in colombia which dedicates to providing nurses, employees etc.etc. for the household and for older people as well as nannies and need the following project.

a programm that allows me to enter names into a database and to search for names and combining employers to the actual people who want to work throughout different fields i would specify.

it will also have to allow to create a cv with some specific fields for the person who wants to work and that will have to match up according to the clients criteria which would be another command.

so in summary.

1. It should allow to enter clients name and characteristics and needs, and it should allow to enter cvs of the person who wants to work.

2. It should allow to match up and cross over those two so for example if a client is searching for a black person which can cook well and that person can just be between the ages of 23 and 26 the database has to search for it and give the accurate results.

3. Then it needs to have the option to change the status of an employer or an employee if they should be already working or should already being employed.

4. The cvs i create on the employee should be able to be sent out to emails and adittionaly be able to print out.

To the person who takes this project adittional instructions are going to be given and the name of the fields are going to be given and details .


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