A Site Like Facebook

1) First site ( main site) ; All members can add photos, text, youtube videos.Site will have the interactive part in the middle.sroll up and down.same as on facebook. But Right and left site is static and for advertising and so on.

2)Small member profile site for some photos and some text and message box to send message from member to member. And member need message alert to private email. Forgot password option,change member detail, cancel account
All member profiles need space for advertising – google banner
Member email verification to register.

3) Member listing on first ( main site) site same as on facebook with mini thumbnail to scroll up and down. Sorted by name and clickable.

4)Member counter – Everybody can see how many members are registered and how many are online.

5) Admin to remove members or artikels from main site.In case of bad photos or language placed from members.

6) Send mail option for admin to all members. Send mail by block of 50

Payments:only SL. 25 % will be hold for 1 month after project is finish or no bugs on system
I accept only programmer who work by them self. I do not accept bids from companies, corporations and so on.

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