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I have a specification that outlines various settings thatneed to be set via web pages. I’vealready created 4 pages that demonstrate a way to get and set the settingsusing AJAX, javascript, prototype, and scriptaculous with CSS for formattingand looks.

The project you are bidding on is to take what I’ve startedand finish it. The final deliverablewill be about 8 to 10 pages with about 5 to 10 settings per page.

The settings will be shown to the user via checkboxes, editboxes, etc.

Communication with the server is via AJAX-style requestsusing Javascript libraries and Prototype.Visuals are via scriptaculous.

Data is sent back and forth from the server using the RESTprotocol. REST is a standard (Google:REST) I will provide samples and a brief description of this protocol.

I’ll provide URLs for each setting and what is expected tochange the value on the server.

You’ll provide the web pages (HTML, CSS,prototype/scriptaculous code) to
1. Query the server of its current values
2. Display the current values in anappropriate manner, and
3. Push the changed values to the serverat the appropriate time (Submit button or otherwise)

Pages must render correctly on IE, Chrome and Firefox.

Pages must link together nicely.

Pages must look visually appealing (you need not follow myexample of look and feel. I’m flexible.)

All code must be easy-to-read and nicely formatted.


Please check out the following URL for the few pages I’ve already completed.

The login and password is ‘admin’ and ‘admin’ (without the little ‘ marks)

I would like to the pages to be better formatted than what you see.

Thank you for your continued interest.

FYI: is a JavaScript library , REST protocol knowledge is essential for this project.

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