Looking For An Dedicated Honest And Great Article Writer


I am looking for an article writer that can write “American English”.

I am looking for someone to write articles for me on a regular basis. Some months there will be a few articles, some months there will be many articles, but all of the articles need to be well written.

They always have to be fresh and you must never produce worn out writing.

All articles must be spell checked and 100% gramatically correct.

All articles must be originals. I will verify that each article is original. I am very serious about this.

SEO Friendly (I will give instructions as to how I want the article optimized, you can share with me some of your writing techniques as well.

I need to work with someone that is honest and reliable. You will have to keep our agreed deadlines and always deliver what you promise.

I also want a long term relationship with someone. I have a great relationship with my designer, I want a great relationship with my writer.

Please tell me your price for each 500-1000 word original article.

If you are a team of article writers, please tell me about your team.

What other services do you offer besides article writing?

Please tell me if you offer a builk price.

Lastly, I would like see some of your work. So I know that you are reading this, please cut and paste an article or two into the body of your private message, as I prefer not get any attachments.

Thank you.

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