Css Changes And Mailing List


1. The links on the top black bar on the right, i want them to be centered vertically like the Now Playing text and the Purchase Track text. This goes for the Mailing List and Rss at the bottom as well. There is extra padding peeing added mostly onto all of these

2. I want there to be special color links for the black boxes on the website. Meaning, any link on the top right bar, and in the footer, should be yellow, but when hovered over, it should be purple. All the other links in the body will be black but then turn gray

3. I would like to be able to have the music player on every page, and not restart when another page is opened from the menu. Is it possible to make it so everything else besides that top bar change? If so, i really want/need it to say the page its on in the url. Meaning, i don’t want it to stay on www.WHATEVER.com, i rather it go to www.Whatever.com/shows when the Shows link is clicked. Understand? The music player will be located in the top black bar, where it says Now Playing

4. I want to create a mailing list submit form field in the bottom footer as well (long black box at bottom where it says Mailing List). Here, i want there to be a box that says First and Last Name, which is where people will input there name, and a second box right to the side of it, where it says E-Mail. To the side of that, there will be a submit button. I want it so both fields must be filled out in order for it to be valid and be able to submit the form. If it is not filled out and they go to click submit, a small error message will pop up underneath each box saying Invalid entry.

Thank You

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