Private And Dealer Car Sale Website

Please read well/twice before you bid on this.And look for given examples.
We are looking to develop a web site where any person/dealer can post/change/remove an add to sell his private car or commercial vehicle after paying a fee by sms and/or providet by[ www(dot)mobilpay(dot)ro ],only a simple form for the contact details user name,pasword,full name,email address,phone number,his city and country.
Any user of the web site should be able to search (without being registered) the available vehicles based on Mark, model, year, location, price and so on…
The site shoud have :-anouncements counter to be shown in the main page (total anouncement made,total anouncements NOW);
-a sistem to show advetisments like ( google adsense or/and standard size rotaiting baners) 1-2 betwen user advertisments.
-the user can upload maximum of 10 pictures and the site showd resize all to a standard smal size in order to be disck space saver,and when clicked to show in separate window ;
-dealers can chose 4 tipes of anouncements(1 month,3 months,6 months,12 months),users 2 tipes (1month and 3 months)
-the dealers lokation have to be seen in googe map.
-the site needs to use 2 language main is romanian second english.
-it needs to be SEO ready .
-not at last we need a very easy/clear admin area with main admin and secondary administrators with rights given by the main one.
Site display full page fast load when full with adverts,easy to navigate.

All the site rights will be ours and all the instructions needed to instal and maintain and so on…
Those are the main reqest the rest of smal details will be discuset while in developing process .
Examples of sites wich will be folloed: www(dot) autovit(dot)ro , www(dot)mobile(dot)de, www(dot)carzone(dot)ie .

This project is a serious isue for us so please no time wasters.

The payment will 60%escrowed after project is ready on your host,released after instaled on ours and in good functions and verified,
40% after 60 days in order to be bugs free.
No escow will be maide before .
Please provide good/relevant examples of your work .
A mix of good profesionals and good(low) price will be a winer.
Two more similar projects to come for the winer too, so please be patient and profesional.

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