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Hello dear members of our program
We are glad to inform you that we start for the new highly paid project on sending money resources in the countries
In your work you should have the account verified PayPal in which is specified your given and your coordinates
For yours security you should send us your essential elements and domestic adress
Your task and work consists in reception of means from site PayPal and translation by their Western Union to a person
All as to payment I tell to you in the following letter and at us am bonus cards which collect and all 50 percents depends on you and your diligence can achieve
This oral agreements with work on our hiring so you can have your consent full connect with us
Our organization refers to the World Fund Ato the Western Union
You are obliged send to us by yours e-mail PayPal ID for the first translation of our means for the subsequent transfer to the western union
I shall specify with following the letter the details of transaction.
Thank you

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