Php/mysql Quick Project – Array To Database

Ok, I have a script that checks an array in a php file. I need to have the script be able to check the array in the php file or if I insert something like this “$info-id=get_from_database($org-id);” it will check against a database instead of an array. It is easier for me to update the database then to update the array in the php file.

Example: (What I currently have)


I would like something like this:


Then the script would continue on.

I have part of this done from another programmer, but he never finished it. He never completed the “get_from_database” function.

This function is where I would enter the table base name and the two fields it would check against. (“info-id” and “org-id”)

It would read from a database called “debbie-info” and the two fields would be “info-id” and “org-id”.

Please PM Questions or demos.

This should take long at all.

Budget $5-$13

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