Ebay Sniper-please Read Before Reply

I need a DESKTOP ebay sniper program which will log onto mrrebates.com AND THEN log on to ebay to bid. This way I will snipe and get a rebate. Regular snipers cannot do this.

The program interface should look like that of gixen.com (a sniper I use now). You can get a free account to see what it looks like or I can email a screen shot.

It will show:
1. The item number (picture optional)
2. Item description
3. Current bid
4. My bid to be placed.
5. Time to end of auction (items will be sorted by time to end of auction).
6. How many seconds before auction end my bid will be placed.
7. Status (optional)
8. edit function.
9. delete function

What program must do:
1. Go to mrrebates.com (my computer automatically logs on)
2. Put the word ebay in the search field.
3. Click on search
4. Click on ebay
5. Find item on ebay
6. Place bid at correct time.

Payment will be made if a bid made with the sniper results in a rebate to me. I do the above manually now and would rather not have to sit by the computer.

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