Rss Feed Content Drip

pre written content delivered over time through an rss feed. 1 single file.

1 file that is readable to readers and aggregators that contains both the content and the instruction to the reader for the handling of the content.

content is pre written.

i need to be able to syndicate the content over a definable time, date, and frequency interval that is relative to a feed subscribers local time.

in effect: this will be a multi feed of pre written content driven through 1 singular rss feed.

for instance:

i have
item 1
item 2
item 3
that needs to be updated through the feed at 8am monday, 9:15am tues, and 11:49 am wed, respectively.

all i need is the raw code with commenting for where all the content should be added.

this should be possible in an atom feed, but may need some php work.

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