Phpfox V2 Mod Created

I need a programmer that is already familiar with PHPfox v2. I need a mod that works like the tag system at

Basically it does several things. Members can send tags or stamps to other members and the tags would show up on a box on the receiving members page. There would be space for 6 tags on the members page and then the oldest would fall off into another page that is for tags for that member.

The tags are selected from predefined tags that are saved to my site. The tags would be in categories and have keywords and members would be able to search for tags. Members can submit tags, but they must be preapproved by staff or admin before they would show up.

That is a basic description. It may help if you look at how it actually works by taking a look at it at

Remember only bid if you are already know the phpfox v2 system.

This mod should be able to be installed using the phpfox install system and no modification to core files can be done.

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