Amazon Aws Autoscale

We currently have a video encoding application working well on AWS using a flavor of FFMPEG. We currently create an instance (which loads with all necessary ffmpeg dependencies) send a command line (“encode video1.mpg” ) and video1.mpg, which lives on a EBS volume is encoded to video1.mp4

I need this modified so that the our ec2 instance autoscales based on load average (or other metrics that you suggest) and shuts down automatically. so if we are sending 30 video files to be encoded, it might scale to 2 or 3 instances or more. So this script needs to :
1. autoscale the EC2 instance based on load average
2. copy the source video file from the ebs volume to the new temporary instance because EBS volumes cannot be shared
3. encode the video (all the encoding scripts and configuration are done) and copy final mp4 to S3
4. shut down the instance when finished.

You’ll need to give me a brief overview of how you plan to do – like use SQS to start a cue or? .

alternatively if autoscaling is not possible or reasonable in this situation we can create a fixed number of instances for the encoding session. the task is still to be able to create a cue system that sends the job to the right worker based on the other jobs. you might check out this link for pre-made scripts

not sure what this will cost so I placed it in $200 – $500. this may be less or more – you tell me.

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