Mysql Driven Website -booking

Currently we have a static page for car parking reservation that captures details from customers input including Name, email address, telephone, departure date, arrival date, car registration number.

This information is then dumped into an excel spreadsheet. It is a linux based hosting.

What we need:
We need a programmer to help program a car parking reservation system but retain the look and feel of the home page.

It will consist of the following

1. Registration for User and a lost password feature.
2. Login authentication for User
3. After logging in, User will be allowed to select available car parking dates from Calendar.
4. User will have an account center where they can change their profile, view their history purchase.
6. Allow User to rate their experience after their booking period has passed..

7. We will need an admin section. Where we can update User profile, Car park available dates and some reporting statistics.

Other features needed
– 24 to 48 hours before the available car park slot starts, they will get an email about their upcoming car park reservation.

– At a specified time every morning, automatically send email to an our sales email address with a report of all customers coming to pick their vehicles on the day.

SEO friendly URL’s and ability to change title tag & meta data through the back end for each page

This needs to be done in PHP and MySQL. No object oriented programming, instead uses functions.

We are looking to have this completed within 1 – 2 weeks if sooner, we can provide bonus.

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