Integrate Google Custom Search

The job is to integrate the google custom search in an existing webpage. The page is made in php/mysql and in german but I will translate parts in english if needed.

Documentation from google:

The Google WebSearch service enables Google Site Search customers to display Google search results on their own web sites. The WebSearch service uses a simple HTTP-based protocol to serve search results. Search administrators have complete control over the way they request search results and the way they present those results to the end user. This document describes the technical details of the Google search request and results formats.

To retrieve Google WebSearch results, your application sends Google a simple HTTP request. Google then returns search results in XML format. XML-formatted results give you the ability to customize the way search results are displayed…


SCP/S-FTP (port: 26017) to access the test environments
skype or isq for communcation
Code has to validated (

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