Website Design

Im looking for a good web design for a company which has afew different types of business’

the business types are:
Beach Resort (Main)
Distributionship of mobile phones
Entertainment E.g. TV Shows, Other performance shows etc
4 other business types comming soon.

It should integrate all the business types into 1 website so it looks like 1 ‘story’ the 2 other types of business will be added once they start but it may be after the project is completed so it should have instructions on how to add this easily. The theme has to be based on the main business and have animated elements such as wind water fire and earth incorporated into the site. It should be done in a format that dreamweaver or seamonkey can edit through the GUI and minimum flash is to be used. There should be smooth transitions from each click to the next page. Website should be SEO optimized. Submission is NOT required.
Awarded party will get selected on panel of official designers / coders which will get exclusive and confidential projects.

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