Make Wamp Online With Highsecurity And Working With Teamviwe

i have a disktop windows 7 run wamp.. i use teamviwer to control it.
its in a localnetwork.. so its connect to internet by the router and have local ip. the router have dynamic ip.
1- i need it to be online on the the internet with dynamic ip dns same of dns2go ect.
2- need good and high firewall to choses which ip can view the site.. more than the apache config. so no body can view if he is not in the white list.
3- need the wamp to be online after every reboot auto without conflict with teamviwer.. becuse they all use port 80.. i read many solotion for that in internet but i need one profisinal to do it.

mix time to finish project after chose bid is 3 hours .. i can make it 6 hours if i see a really work from the programmer.
i will give him teamviwer to make his work..


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