Solr Lucene Search Developer

Do not apply unless you can do this job swiftly and without fuss
My auction website search engine needs improving. As an example I wish it to work in the same manner as say ebay search engine does, showing the same results.
I had a programmer work on the internal search engine, but parted ways with them, as they were not giving my search engine project the correct and proper attention.
If you are a php wizard who knows how to sort out the boolean search functions for my site, so all is picked up and displayed as per ebay.WITHOUT nasty horizontal page expansions and the loss of other functions, than let me know.Payment will only be made on completion of work.

1) That does require you install SOLR in your server,build an entire indexing / search engine that will make the search 500% faster the site really is slow right now because we are using Mysql instead of SOLR-Lucene indexes for search

2) After that go in and index your existing products database.

3) Make all actions for add/remove/update of your products be in sync with the search index.

4) Integrate the UI for the new search engine where it brings up relevant results in just microseconds.

5) Integrate UI for autosuggest and so forth.

6) When listing, users upload images or pictures to their listings.Sometimes these images are too large in size and the users receive an error message regarding this.I would like the site to work as such, when a user uploads images which are too large, these images are automatically reduced on the fly to a permitted size without any extra load the server and zero image degradation. Also would like all images which are on site to open-up/enlarge upon mouse over without the surfer/searcher/browser having to click on any image in order to get it to enlarge.
If you go here:

7) Fix the search function so the search indexes correctly when it you drill down contextually.

8)Look for “dead people” in the code you already have because it seems to be like it’s not somehow 1000% robust

9)Also the “wanted ad” section needs fixing, as if you wish to place a wanted ad and click on Category>modify or additional category>modify the site just freezes as it takes an age to load said categories.Your original suggestion regarding access to root on server and additions to may solve this.

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