Website For Transcription Busi

I have a transcription service and need a website built for it.

Basically, the website would be pretty easy / static except for the fact that we need to have our clients be able to “sign up” for our services on our website. This means that they have to be able to create their own unique username and password. They would then fill out an online form with their contact info, business name, etc., and at the end of the form there would be an area where they would submit their credit card information. This credit card form area would need to be secure. After they fill out their credit card info and hit submit, it would just be emailed to us (or get stored in the system) and the client’s credit card would not be charged until we have completed their project. When we complete their project, we will manually charge their credit card via Quickbooks or paypal, etc. THIS IS NOT AN E-COMMERCE WEBSITE.

The other major component of the website is that there has to be a feature where the clients can upload their (very large) audio files to our website. After they upload their file, it would go onto a server and then it would send me an email notifying me that “ABC client has uploaded XYZ file… click here to download this particular file.”

When a returning client wants to upload more audio files for us to transcribe for them, they would simply login to their account on our website and upload a new fileā€¦. and the system would then email me again saying that “such and such client has uploaded this file…”

The website will have very few pictures, mostly text and some images. No flash either.

I do not need any web hosting, server hosting, email service either. Will be buying that first through /

I also need a back-end for the website so that I can go in and change the content by myself as needed.

Thank you!

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