Internet Mkt Offline Sales Pre

Dear Friend,

Thank you for bidding.

We’re currently looking for a Sales Presentation Script for an
Offline Internet Marketing Business Targeting Local Businesses.

There are some materials to use, but am also OPEN to creativity.

The Sales Presentation needs to start with a few Q’s (already
pre-written) and incorporate the answers with benefits to the
prospects (the local offline business owners.)

The presentation MUST be PACKED with NLP.

It must answer Why they MUST HAVE (and WANT) Services being
offered. (all or individual services)

There about 7 services being promoted / sold of which this
presentation must include.

Finally, it must be printable.
It COULD be in .ppt format, but the presentation will mainly be
used in Print (on Paper) and must be printer friendly.

Please provide examples of experience.


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