Quick WordPress Plugin

This job is easy for someone who knows what they are doing.

I would like a wordpress plugin which allows one to upload articles in the form of text or rtf files (or just one big document with many articles separated by a delimiter) and then have those articles appended to the end of each post on the wordpress blog.

My budget is around $50 for this plugin.

It would leave a couple of lines after the current data on the blog before it adds the article, in other words, in a new paragraph.

It will do this in real time as soon as a new post is made.
It will take a article from the library and add it to a post which has just been uploaded.

Articles will be taken once and wont be reused unless specified in the settings.

There will be options/settings such as:
⁃ add article to existing posts and add articles to all new posts from now on or both
⁃ add articles to certain categories/tags only
⁃ add articles with certain keywords in their titles to match a specific tag or category
⁃ what the user would like to do once the articles are finished (re-use or stop posting)
⁃ can disable the posting of articles for individual posts if needed
⁃ can elect to post a specific article for a specific post or keep it random
⁃ Can also elect to have articles posted on their own with the need for a primary post (this will have its own set of settings).

I need this done as soon as possible.

Please let me know how quickly you can do this. I’m looking for a quick and cheap development project.


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