Iphone Photography Manipulation Application

This app needs to be similar to the following apps already in the app store:

“Camera+… the ultimate photo app” $1.99 in app store
“FX Photo Studio” .99 in app store
“Photoshop Mobile” free in app store

The app needs to be able to:

• Compatible with the iPhone 4 and also backwards compatible with all 3G iphones
• Take pictures inside of the app, be able to use the iphone 4 flash and digital zoom
• Needs to be able to save photos into iphone photo gallery and also save copies in there as well with different effects.
• Needs an undo button so if they want to undo an effect they can / like photoshop app
• Needs to be able to share photos via facebook / twitter / flickr
• Needs to be able to have 150 different photo effects you can put on any image.
• Must be able to preview what the filters will look like before selecting the one you want
• Needs to be able to have 25 different borders you can put on any image
• Needs to have ability to adjust exposure / contrast / hue saturation
• Need to be able to crop / flip / rotate an image
• Needs to have aiming grids like “Camera+ app”
• Needs high quality graphics to make use of retina display

Please do not bid on this project if you have no iPhone app experience. I need there to be unlimited changes until I am happy with the app. If the app is not working correctly you will be expected to fix it. Once the app is working properly and in the APP store we can talk about extra payments for new versions of the app.

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