Business Anaysis Project (proposal And Final Report)

A Business Analysis Project which requires valid cross referencing on all sources covered by: Books, Newspapers, Internet sources stated clearly and require proper plagiarism check using Harvard Referencing Guide. Use Microsoft word format, Times New Roman Font Size 12.

Topic: Choose a research topic which happened recently:
-: identify and critically review relevant business concepts and theories
-: draw conclusions based on the analysis of evidence collected
Coursework require to complete in 2 stages:

Part I: A maximum of 2500 words in the form of Research Proposal

Weightage on Relevance and Coverage of Literature review: 70%
Weightage on Critical Analysis of Literature reviewed: 30%

Breakdown into the following format in Microsoft word:
1) Background of the chosen topic (3 pages)
State down 4 Research Questions we are targeting on for the topic
State down 4 Research Objectives we are targeting on for the topic

2) Methodology (what data do you want to collect, why do you want to use this method, how you collect the data and how you interpret the data)
Base on SECONDARY data collected from a mixture of sources like Books, Newspapers, Internet, Articles and reports with proper referencing and plagarism check.

3) Resources
Give a half page information on the which are the resources used.

4) References

Part II: A Final Report, including an Executive summary of up to 5000 words.

Breakdown into the following format in Microsoft word:
Final Report:

1. Table of Contents

2. Abstract (Executive Summary)

3. Introduction

3.1 Background
3.2 Research Question (State 4 Questions)
3.3 Research Objectives (State 4 objectives)

4. Literature Review (Review the literature, make a judgement and give conclusion on the analysised topic)

5.Methodology (How the data research was carried out. Need to explain 2 to 3 pages length)

6. Data Analysis (Using Table, Chart, Graphs etc resorces to analysis the data)

7. Conclusion (Judgement – Yes or No. Explain why give this selection of answer base on the research work collected)

8. Recommendations

9. References (need at least 30 references or more from books, articles, research, internet mixture sources)

1) Identification, planning, research and writing of the written report: 30%
[Research Methodology (Data Collection)]:10% Data Analysis: 20%)

2) Communicate research findings in effective manner: 20%
(Background & objectives 10% Format & Structure 5% Referencing 5%)

3) Identify & critically review relevant business concepts & theories: 30%
(Relevance & coverage of Literature review 20% Critical analysis of literature reviewed 10%)

4) Draw conclusions based on the analysis of evidence collected: 20%
(Conclusions 10% Recommendations: 10%)

Deadline: 17 July 2010 can be extended if required.

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