Edits To Templatic Job Board


I would like to make several edits to the base Job Board template from Templatic (http://templatic.com/cms-themes/job-board):

1) Add an “Apply Now” button, directly on the job postings, which will allow job seekers to submit their info directly from the website (ie: upload resumes, files, etc…). This feature will allow the employer to receive emails directly from my site.

2) Allow for additional ‘Featured Employers’ within the sidebar widget (i.e: 6 or 8 versus only 4).

3) Allow employers to upload their company logos when making posts and having them appear within the actual job posting (top left hand side of job posting).

4) Have a Google Maps API appear within the job posting showing the location of the job posting (at the bottom of the job posting).

5) Add a rotating ad banner to the side bar, allowing advertisers to post on the site.

6) When adding pages to the site (when using the demo), I noticed that only a limited amount of pages can appear within the header navigation bar, as the graphics do not compensate for the extra links, I would like to edit the graphics to compensate for the extra page links.

7) Display company logo without disrupting the header graphics.

8) Website logo upload to site.

9) All Word Press admin management of the above 8 items.

I can send a more detailed description of what I am seeking to seriously interested bidders. Please contact me via the message board. Given the entire template was only $65 USD, I don’t expect quotes to surpass that amount.


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