Ad Copy Re-writing

You will be writing 100’s of versions of basically the same ad copy – each done uniquely with no repetition of sentences or long phrases. Use of dictation software can speed this process greatly – but you may use any technique you like. I’ll pay per ad, and each ad will run 100 to 150 words. I will provide 5 samples, a list of key selling points that need to appear in each ad, and a short list of keywords that must appear in every ad. Your job will be to creatively re-write the ad dozens of times in unique ways.

You should be creative in saying the key selling points in a manner in which each ad is somewhat different and avoid repetition.

Please reply and make sure I can find samples of your writing, along with your proposed pricing on a per ad basis. Total ads needed is at least 300, maybe as many as 2,500. I can supply more variations on key points as we do more. Extremely strong English language (U.S.) writing skills are a must, as is a good degree of creativity, and the ability to either type really fast, or use dictation software that you own.

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