Magento Product Service Stor4

BUDGET: $550

LIST ONLY MAGENTO WEBSITES which can be verified with the site owners.
– Don’t send me a list of websites.
– All bids with verifiable magento sites will be automatically rejected.

See attachments
SC_NewMain.jpg is the main page showing Product and Service Stores
SC_MainProducts.jpg and MainServices.jpg – main categories for each store
SC_ProductList.jpg shows Products by Categories and Subcategories
SC_ProductDetail.jpg shows a specific Product Item

FLOW: NewMain >> MainProducts >> ProductList >> ProductDetail

Payment is broken down into modules, as each is completed, uploaded to my server, tested and approved, escrow is released.

OPENSOURCE: Magento 1.4 Enterprise Community Edition with free extensions

Server: Linux, Certos

Browsers: Windows IE & Mozilla, and Macintosh

:: Looking for Magento specialists with experience developing with Magento ECommerce Platform for ecommerce configuration and create a custom design theme using latest opensource Magento and free templates.
:: Deep understanding of cross browser issues and OS Specs
:: Good understanding of LAMP, Javascript / AJAX


1. Install and configure opensource magneto on a linux server (CERTOS) for Products and Services

2. Integrate with codeigniter membership
(a) Sync login so member can move between modules without having to login twice.
(b) Validate membership level and active subscription from codeigniter site prior to allowing member to add a product or service.

3. Three levels of Admin access with rights and permissions per level.

4. Item additions to Stores
(a) Members can add items for sale in stores.
(b) Super Admin gets notification of any item member adds to sale.
(c) Super Admin must approve each item before it shows on the store pages for sale.
(d) Need to be able to limit the items each member can add, so member gets approve for new items.

5. Four Tier pricing for the 4 Membership Levels

6. Incorporate Magento plugins and extensions
(a) Languages
(b) Gift Certificates purchase and redemption
(c) Reward Points award and redemption for purchases

7. Item processing
(a) Products: Integrate magneto into FEDEX with API for shipping calculations and printing labels
(b) Services: Can be online, for example web therapy
– generate code for customer to login for their online session
– pass customer to service provider page to access service.

8. Automate payment to members who are selling items on the site.
– 5 payment methods (check, electronic, generate a list for the manual international payments)
– Deduct our fees prior to releasing payment.

9. Integrate Video for Product and Service items. Video player to be provided.

10. Use logo, headers, footers and flash/css menu on existing codeigniter site

11. Setup clear, concise and effective admin

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