Flash Map Development

Need to develop an interactive World Map for customers to find a distributor in their country or region.

Needs to function as follows:

Each country will be selectable. When clicked on, the country should scale larger to the foreground & display that country’s distributor company name & a contact form. The distributor’s information will need to be pulled from an external spreadsheet so that information can be changed/updated easily.

Contact form will have the following fields: Name, email, comments section, country. The country field needs to automatically populate based on the country selected. Contact form will be submitted to both that country’s distributor and the manufacturer’s (Lifeloc) email.

If the country doesn’t have a distributor the contact info will display: Lifeloc (country) and the email will be sent to Lifeloc only.
Example: Customer selects Brazil but there is no local distributor, the information displayed would be “Lifeloc Brazil” and the contact form would be submitted to Lifeloc email.

Map images will be provided as Illustrator files. Distributor information will be provided in Excel Spreadsheet. I’ll provide reference maps with each country properly labeled.

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