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I need the best team of professionals to build social networking site with pop-up personal blog feature. Good examples are facebook, linkedin, wordpress, and (It is Chinese version of Cyworld that has a good pop-up personal blog feature)

We already have main web designs that we want to use for this site. So we can provide it to you if you can use it to save time.

The following features are that we are looking for;
• Organized sign-up page with captcha image, collect basic demographic infomation from register user to a database
• Upload and share Personal profile w/permission
• Send/Receive private messages and publics or groups messages
• Making/deleting friends
• Joining in the other users’ blog and making comments with permission
• Create pop-up window for a personal blog – uploading multimedia, comments, checking blog members
• Blog rating features
• Real-time rating for hot topics and blogs – similar to google real time search
• Interactive update news (the users only can see new feeds that only friend members made – similar to facebook news feed
• Daily or weekly Poll service – Some question that the users can answer.
• Checking/Exploring other users’ blogs (Other blogs that you may be interested) – Similar to Linkedin feature. Its based on word matching.
• Statistical records: site visits, total of people registred, new registred per day and month

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