Online Video Book Creation

Please see the sample at to understand the requirements of this project.

There are two parts to this project.
Part 1:
We have an existing program (C/C++) that creates a series of 60 still image frames as BMP files at 640px x 480px in a single folder.
We need a new program to automatically take the 60 files (in a folder) and to resize/convert them to JPG files at 260px x 195px and save in a destination folder with the possibility if uploading via FTP to a remote site.

(This part exists) The transferred files create a SWF Flash file when played in a flash/JS program that plays on the web (see file sample player at
(NEW BIT) We need to convert the SWF player output (temp file?) to a MP4 video file for upload to Facebook and also a second smaller mobile phone version. If easier, there is also the option of recreating the SWF output from the 60 JPG still images into a video file which will include a skin or frame to create the illusion that you are watching online book being flipped. (see sample)

The video will be filtered to give the visual look of an old style film.

Customized programming to create a stand alone module
Completed video file will be uploaded and emailed to end customer
Ability to upload to website and have files viewable online
This could be a local computer and/or a web based program

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