Signup System (paypal Mb)

I need a multistep signup system made in PHP with Paypal and Moneybookers checkout. This project is very urgent. I expect it to be done with minimum supervision and in less than 5 days. Deadlines are everything. This project can be done in far less than 5 days by an experienced programmer so the 5 days should be enough extra time.

The system is for a Fantasy Football website.

I would prefer European companies or especially individuals (from everywhere) to bid. I have had bad experience with an Indian company that assigned a rookie to the project and then fired him and never finished my project. I do not have time for the programmer to learn things etc. I cannot stress the word URGENT enough. I need honest and skilled programmers for this project. Please do not lie about your skills.

I will cancel the project if I see bad signs such as delay in milestones, huge number of bugs and errors, missed deadlines.

I expect my programmer to be able to work independently, meet deadlines and have all the skills needed to complete the task succesfully and on time.

If you do not have good experience and skills with Paypal, moneybookers, forms, sign-up systems then please do not bid.

I will upload images of all the signup pages so you can check it out.

The system has 7 main steps:

Login for old subscribers
Basic Information
Team setup
Teams overview
League setup
League overview

Emails need to be send out when inviting friends to join, when the user signs up, when the user wants to recover password and an email needs to be sent to the admin.

I have made all pages in HTML/CSS (all are final, no need for updates or changes) + all emails are written and ready.

The main page and signup pages also have a simple counter that counts up a prize pot when users signup. All graphics and html/css is also ready for this.

I also have a ready made admin with html and css ready etc. (uncoded)

For this I need a Teams page ready where the admin can input simple team data and a signup page where new users are listed and last a systems page where the admin can put in login info, system email and a few other simple settings. The Admin also needs a login.

If you have questions then feel free to message me.

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