Clone Site

Looking for a clone with a better UI.

we need even better of this site only we don’t need forum part of this site
is better open account at this site and read all helps then will get all thing better and underestand how it work

I will require the following to be in your reply.

1.1 Links to past work with affiliate tracking
1.2 OR a brief deScription on which affiliate Script you will implement and if you\’re comfortable with all the tracking involved
2. Language you plan on using. PHP or asp.NET (which and why)
3. If you\’re willing to work for equity in the project. *preferred.
4. If you\’re comfortable using AJAX to make the site slicker looking.
5. Server requirements

please tell real cost , not cost that at future change or …
so the first study then set cost

Highlight requerments in doc file attached

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