Easy Word Press Job

in a nut shell: navigation on finished wordpress site is not working properly, i need someone to login and edit it, make a few corrections, and save it. done deal. website is already finished just having a problem with the navigation. website is www.tutoringalbany.com

I have developed a wordpress and I am experiencing problems with the navigation. I have the theme and website finished, everything works but the navigation acts up with the home page and when you click around on some of the other menu buttons. the website is EXTREMELY SIMPLE , i simply need someone to login , edit the .css or whatever the problem is and maybe make a few quick changes but nothing major or complicated at all.

website is www.tutoringalbany.com – for such a simple job i could have a whole website built for a few more dollars but this is nearly there, i want it finished, and i would also like to know what im doing wrong… respond ASAP – thanks!

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