Are you a REAL EXPERT in protovis-js?
We have a very clear target design and interactivity features as requirements for data visualisation with this open and free library.

library: PROTOVIS
We need a pie chart, line chart and horizontal+vertical bars. (Protovis has
hundreds of chart types and you can choose any of there to do the job.)
The data will be time serious or non-time serious (“normal”) data with labels,
values and a legend for the chart.
The charts will be interactive: onmouse-hover/highlight/data in legend,

It’s highest priority that the solution works with firefox as well as internet
explorer. Protovis is a very powerful open source library which provides
visualisations entirely without any flash requirements.

There is a clear FSD incl. target design and explanation for all the features
that we are looking for. Further, you can use our existing script to read and
push the data into the charts. Sample data is also given from our side.

What we need your developer to do:
-be an expert for protovis because this is the first job on this and there will
be further requests on it. The client will use it within a huge dashboard.
-if he is not an expert, it will take him much too long!
-the client requires DAILY working status/quick reports to know how far the
project is and how good and fast your developer is working.

This job is a pilot project, fixed budget and no requirements for dedicated
control software or instant communication. If the task is done well and
especially in a fast and proper way, we look forward to more and even greater
long-term cooperation with Redflux.

For the client, we will send you a NDA/confidential agreement.

If you are very skilled and experienced in this lib
Copying the sample charts is NOT enough. We need a professional and not a hobby developer…

Escrow: 50% or payment per milestone/chart. You can decide what payment mode you prefer.

NOTE: This project will come with a deadline. If the deadline is failed, withdrawal; no delays and no excuses.

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