Create Accounts

I need someone to create all of the accounts needed to properly use

I need you to create me an account at each of the 100+ media gateways so my pixelpipe account is fully functional. I will want you to fully set up and confirm each account. If it is a blogger account, I will need you to set up everything needed to make the pixelpipe work properly as well as bookmarking and social media site accounts to work with my pixelpipe account.

You can go setup a free pixelpipe account and check it out to see the list of sites and the work you will need to do.

I will send you a blank email account and pixelpipe login and then you go log in and click “add pipes” and then create accounts for all of the available pipes in the system. I then want you to confirm all accounts and make sure they work and that pixelpipe is properly communicating with them.


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