New Auction Types

I have a penny auction site currently in re-developement

I want some new auction types added to it

Seated auction
scratch to reveal auction. (
lowest unique bid tye
highest unique bid type.
Bid pack auctions already have this type however bids need to credit after payment instead of by admin intervention
couple modifications to layout and a few switches for certain auction types to display in those new layout areas

I would also like a rewards sytem kinda like credit card bonus points that can be used to purchase items and or discounts from a estore we already have a voucher system may tweak this to handle it.

All the hard stuff is already done just need some addons please bid accordingly.

Please NO copy and paste portfolios responses I want to know you read this and understand what you are about to partake upon.

you need to be at the top of your game dont want no beginners here I have alot of time and money invested in my script, if you think your going to get a free copy think again certain sections we have incorporated a tracking licensing system and every thing in encoded in ioncube, we will not provide you wit h a unencoded source for any reason dont ask, you dont need to edit anything inside the encoded file set, we encoded it we know. Have had bad experiences with people on here trying to steal my source code and it has NOT ended well for those people, so be forewarned.

If your even hesitatant in your abilities dont waste my time im tired or hiring people and firing them and cancelling projects as a result. You will need to know
all interations ther of
html of course
Paypal IPN

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