WordPress Makeover – (mock-up)

This job pays immediately $25 to the winner (who I select) submits to me a PDF file that best represents what will be made in the end. In other words, I have a similarily named project. I need anyone interested in that one to submit their mock up on this project on here. If you win, I will make you the winner here and hand you over $25. And I also will select you as the winner on the other similarily named project that currently is frozen. You need to include the price you would do it for and submit your pdf to me here before being selected. It will be selected mainly by the quality of the submittal and not the bid although I will consider both. If you do a mockup on a website instead, that would of course be better. I can even provide a wordpress 3.0 website you can post it to. The following is what we need for the project:

I need to replace the template that is in place now with a new customized template. I have included the PDF with the overall look they want to accomplish. The picture at the top needs to slideshow. The pics at the bottom need to slideshow. A beach scene similar to the background shown needs to be in place. Menu on side needs to be part of a sidebar. All pictures will be taken from NextGEN library. We will provide all pictures but placeholders can be used until those are provided.

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