Simple Coding Usd150 Bonus

i have a freebie site already installed and configured, members register, pay a fee, selected prize, and start refering people to the site,once referals are met,member get the item,the script is configured to accept third party offers such as blokbuster,netflix,credit repair offers etc, i want the script to accept my offers instead,so, i can add my own prizes, this can be done on a separate area,

Need to integrate alertpay , moneybookers.,
will need help in uploading header and one banner,

i pay $150-or $250 bonus from site profits,depending on site success, plus your bid.

Note:pay only from profits (bonus and bid), if i get paid before (im a freelance writer and designer)ill pay you before
you can check my feedback im not trying to get anything free here,just need some help,so i can start generating some cash,i expect the site to start generating income the same day it launches
job may lead to permanent job as maintenance guy if desired

you can see the site on attachment

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