Zendesk Easy Tweak To Hide Tab

I am using ZenDesk.

I want to hide the “submit a request” tab.

They say it is easy to do using a widget and this code (see below).

But it is not working on my page – http://jumpmanual.zendesk.com (view source to check it’s code)

You can see the explanation of how it works in the beginning of this thread: https://support.zendesk.com/entries/175801-show-or-hide-tabs-based-on-organization

I want this tab always hidden in my customer support view.

Event.observe(window, ‘load’, function() {
if ($(‘#top-menu #green .tab_new’)[0]){
$(‘#top-menu #green .tab_new’)[0].hide(‘<a href=”/requests/portal/new” class=”tab”>Ask A Question</a>’);}

if ($(‘#top-menu #green .tab_requests’)[0]){
$(‘#top-menu #green .tab_requests’)[0].hide(‘<a href=”/requests” class=”tab”>what ever you want</a>’);}

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