Gary Bodley

I want to create an application that will go into my website to automatically determine the google maps rank of a particular business in a particular geographic location. This will be an application for business owners to check the rank of their business in their town. For instance, a plumber in Boise, Idaho would type in Plumber in a business category box and Boise in a location box. They would also enter their business name, website url, business phone number and email address. The program would then perform a Google search, find the business (by name, url or phone number and determine their relative position on the list. This should also work on all of the major local search sites such as Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, superpages, yellow pages etc. The ranks would then be emailed to the user and the contact info would be emailed to me. The contact info would also be entered into an autoresponder.

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