WordPress Theme Customization

I need a wordpress theme that was purchased from Elegant Themes to be modified to have a certain look and feel.

The details to this are based if you look at the site at http://www.corbettcartoons.com and follow along to ensure that you can do this.

1. I need the posts to be separate from the images in the side scroller at the top of the home page. As it stands now, when you post a page part of the image is thumbnailed and put in that scroller. I like that function but I need to somehow seperate that function.

2. I need each post to show a custom heading. Right now, when you post something, it shows it’s standard heading and nothing more. I need the heading to be an image if possible.

There might be more that I need done but this is just to see what kind of cost I am up against with this project.

Attached is an idea sent to me by the client.

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