Make Me An Animated Gif 2

Hi, thanks for looking at our project … this should be a pretty quick one.

We need for you to take the .gif image attached to this project (image.gif) and turn it into an animated .gif.

The animation should be the same image, but with the “moving sparkles” effect that you can see on this page: … what you see when you do the mouseover on the “starlight” button on that page.

I know that the button on that page is a Flash animation, not an animated .gif, but we need this as an animated .gif, not Flash. There’s no reason this can’t be done as an animated .gif.

The animation should be smooth and continuous, with the sparkles returning to the beginning position at the end so that it can repeat the cycle in a continuous way without any “jerkiness”.

If you can have our animated .gif finished and within 24 hours and everything looks good, I will offer you the option of a second, similar animated .gif button project.


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