Ipad Magasine Reader App

The goal : develop reader applications for magazine of our customers.

To have a good example of the application we would like develop, take some reader already existing on appstore like :
“Sport Mag”, “BMW Magazine” or all pixelmags reader like “iCreate”, “Develop3D”,…

We would like develop same for our customers magazines or catalogs.

Principals functions of our reader:
– Same as all “pixalmags” reader (show all the available downloadable magazine , bookmark function , settings will all account detail, panel with all the magazine purchased or downloaded (if free download), search function if all magazine downloaded, ipod managing to have the possibility to listen music since the user read magazine).

– When the customer reading the magazine he can have access to content (all pages), add bookmark, double tap to zoom,…. like “sport mag”.

The project have 2 parts :

Module #1 :
To developing this reader we will provide all graphics elements for the interface.
The function must be the same as “Sport Mag” reader, that means the page of the magazine must be load smooth and quickly.
The transition between the pages must be very quick (not like “pixelmags” example because to slow).
When the pad user turn the pad, he will see the double page and come back on a single page when he turn again the pad (like “sport mag”).

The ipad user ofcourse must be have the possibility to purchased any magazine or purchased a full annual subscription (like pixemags or other have).
In fact, we would like to use our apple account for these purchased. So you need provide a full detail to setting up this.

We need to create by ourself all the magazines, that means in fact in this version of reader, every month (for a monthly magazine), our customer send us the PDF file of the magazine and we need to create the update version of this new mag by ourself.

So we must provide us the process to create all the magazine we want for ours customers.
However, we think that the best solutions will be develop a back-office website (technology used can be php, cold, … same for database).
That is we need have a special interface (Back-office on website) that is the second part of project :

Module #2 :
In this back-office, our customers enter their log/pass and have the possibility to post the magazine (PDF file) and the system will generate all the files need to create the new ipad ready file magazine.

* In this back-office, the client could be also add some elements in their pages like a link that redirect on specific page.
* For example the customer can add all links in summary for all the chapters page.
* We would like the customer can add also on some page a link to a video or embed the video in the magazine.
For this second option of course he must be upload the video with specific codec that it can be play on pad.

* We would like also offer the possibility to customer to add audio files on page instead video, and when the ipad user open the page, the audio will pay automatically.

Create a application reader for ipad and iphone that we can personalize for our customers
For the reader functions take a look above
Process creation : clients send us the PDF file a their magazine, we need transform by ourself this PDF file to create all the file necessary for that the reader can be open.
We host by ourself all the file that the reader will use to open mag, so you need provide a technical description of all the process and request we need to made this by ourself.
Don’t forgets that our customer need to sell their magazine, so we need have all the purchased functionality for our reader and all the installation detail process to setting up this option.

Module #2 is about the creation about a specific back-office for our customers where they can upload and manage the different magazine edition.
We would like this back-office have some specific functions (see above).

If you have any question post it!

Beware : Price must include the full divestiture of the sources code for all elements and a complete detail about the and worldwide commercial uses exclusivity of their future.
Ofcourse we have already Apple developer id, so we would like sell the application and magazine for our customers under our apple account.

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