Travel Affiliate Template

We are looking for someone who can develop the travel affiliate website template with integration of XML access granted by expedia/

Your job will be to:
We currently have 6 templates for our affiliate programs but are looking to improve design and user friendly.

1. Come up with a design, and make sure it is capable of being duplicated by replacing ids from the affiliates were working with.

2. Insert information and read proof it – make sure links are fully functional with no errors.

3. Users at the site must be able to buy products with affiliates and will be tracked through affiliate backoffices.

4. I want Clean Templates, with Easy pointers to the vistors. Menu could be a flash with a little sound, few examples and but would like to be able to add amazon and google ads in the template.

5. Delivery is accepted once I get a zip with all the stuff, such as a backup of the entire page, plus I can see the site running.

6. We are hosting the accounts and will provide domains for you to work with. Currently working with hostgator.

7. Im especially looking for a good designer who are cabable of the above, who would like to get some html newsletter jobs in the future.

please contact via email , from there we may correspond by phone.

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