Non-php Filebrowser W Wp-users

Objective: creation of a single-file script written in either Perl or Python which is able to identify and differentiate through WordPress-set cookies or by other means if a user is logged in as a WordPress (WP) user, and can act as a file browser by reading and displaying the contents of a preset directory on the server as well as its child directories.

The script shall also recognize one select user as superuser (i.e admin) and allow them the following actions:

* all the actions a common user has, plus

* set viewing permissions for the files and directories situated inside the preset directory on per user basis,
* create directories inside the preset directory and its child directories,
* upload PDF files through HTTP file upload (i.e. input type ‘file’)


* the environment is CGI

* the script must be able to decide whether the user is logged in as a WP user
* the script must recognize one single user as superuser
* the script must be able to redirect the users if they’re not logged in
* the script *must not* allow the user to step higher than the preset directory in the server’s directory structure
* the script must not allow users to view documents which they have no permission for
* the script must only allow the upload of files with PDF mime type

Required skills:

* medium or higher skills in Python or Perl
* familiarity with CGI environment, cookies and file uploads
* medium or higher understanding of how WordPress differentiates between users

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