Fusker V2 2

ok after some problems i try again

i have a fusker script but it’s to hard to expand
so i hope someone can build a low budget cms systeem
with a intergration of fusker

it must be like see: http://fusker-development.info/

what i need
a cms systeem with fusker integrated
1. user system with admin
2. fusker inside.
3. rss feeds of it
4. advertising system
5. template based ( so i can build new layouts for it!)
6. news bar funtion with option on/off from admin
7. a option for a main site that see the fuskers of every sites
can be by rss or xml like that.

a large admin section that see the latest fuskers that can be edited
the admin
admin for the advertising
edit function for the users (members)
and usage details of the site

and the scripts must have some protection systems
and a generator for a licence code from my site
so that the script can only be run with a working lince code

also what is verry importend to me i want to conversate with msn and email and when a programers has be choicen have to tell me what hey is going to do and how long the programer think he need to develop the script

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