My Otherib

My OtheRib is a project currently being created through HIT Web Design. I started this project in March and it is nowhere near complete. I need to hire another designer to do this project and cancel with them. The project is a all-in-one website combining the functionality of facebook, eharmony, craig’s list, and youtube. The vision is to allow consumers to reunite with friends and family from the community datebase like facebook, find their ideal business partner, barter goods and services, partner in ministry, or advertise their business or goods in the community database like craig’s list, date and meet friends through the community database like eharmony, and create videos specifically for industry professionals to network in music, movies, TV, broadway, etc.. through the database like youtube which will be called My OtheRib Tube. I need the website to have the capability to have my company owning and hosting domain. it has to have unlimited bandwidth, allotted server space,storage, and capacity so that the website is not shut down from a large number of users. It should reach every state and country. I want real life picture captions that illustrate dating and marriage, family and friends, netwroking and business, ministry and religion. This website will be absolutely free to its users. six landing pages in all. Into flash page flashing the four different aspects mentioned above to go to, 2nd page is landing page for My otheRib Book, 3rd page is landing page for My OtheRib Dating, Marriage & Friendship, 4th page for My OtheRib Business, Ministry, Commerce, & Networking, and the 5th page for My OtheRib Tube for videos, music, films, and more. The last page is specifically for corporate or business advertising or contact. The other pages should have unlimited downloading of videos, music, blogging,setup seminars,event calendars, etc… Attached is the specs given by HIT Web Design minus the My OtheRib Tube additional page. Make it colorful, friendly, inviting, and easy to navigate. Experienced designers only apply who are capable for taking on and completing this project. It is already copyrighted and patented. I need source codes with the final purchase and a sample of the project that you will consider for this one and a test drive before making final. My domain expires in July. I have necessary info to submit to secure and transfer domain name to this project. Make sure you can provide a portfolio of previous work done with a contact name I can call for a reference. Even though their is an attachment below, you can offer a better project. Do not give a quote that high either because I have shopped this project to a few places and discovered HIT charged too much for this.

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