Multi Vendor Shopping Portal 2

I am working on a new business that will allow wineries to list their winery and wines on our site. The consumer will see their online shopping experience as “One Store”; however, each winery will fulfill their own orders.

The customer must be able to order wine from multiple wineries in the same order, our site will then distribute the orders to the wineries for fulfillment.

Our vendors will need to be able to login and manage their own inventory, specials and pricing.

When the order notification goes to the dealer, I would like to include a packing slip branded with our website for the customer.

We can both collect payment and then remit to the vendor, or we can collect the payment information and pass it on to the vendor to charge the customer directly.

Our site is located at This will give you an idea of the look and feel we want.

I understand that their are open source shopping carts out there that will accommodate my requests, however, I want to make sure the look and feel is maintained and we have a proprietary back-end to our site.

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