Please read the description CAREFULLY! Thanks.

Subject is a clone of the auction/insertion site – just the design has to be way better (our designers are also able to make the design – just notice if your bid is with or without design).

Individuals and companys are able to make insertions and bid on them. Please study the given site before bidding – every feature has to be fulfilled.

I know its hard and annoying to take a very close look at every little part even if you don’t know to get the winning bid or not but with a successful project we will start in a nice future (longterm).

An absolute and exclusive professional work has first priority. If your work doesn’t meet the requirements or you are not able to accomplish a project like advertised – DON’T BID! Otherwise I won’t pay for your efforts – because my client won’t pay me.
Read the below requirements carefully, this will save a lot of time!
With bidding, you agree with my requirements and claims.

General Requirements:
1. You are not allowed to use the project as your reference, don’t pass links to our projects or give it to anyone under any circumstance. Our cooperation remains between us, noone from outside should know something about this.

2. After finishing and payment of the project, it (data + rights,…) passes into my ownership.

3. My company is a professional webdesign company in Austria, so I have professional clients and it’s very important that they will be satisfied to 100%. Because of this it will be necessary that you are working until everyone is completely satisfied, even if it requires repeated corrections.

4. Never contact the client directly.

5. valid invoice

6. You are not allowed to injure third-party rights. If you are violating any rights or laws -> any appearing problems and consequences with reference to this project like lawsuit, penalties,… passes into your area of authority.

Sincerely yours

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