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We like to have our pages done 1 at a time. So we are looking for the Photo Gallery Page to be completed. Himalayan Web has already began completing the Joomla backend of the Home Page ( but they currently have 32 other projects and so we need the other pages (gallery, video and etc) completed. Himalayan Web is using Joomla as the backend for controlling the pages.

So the layout or the entire photo gallery goes like this:
1) Album Cover Flow – connects to #2
2) Karaz (Inside Album) Photo Gallery Layout – connects to #3
3) Karaz (Selected Photo) Photo Gallery Layout

Album Cover Flow:

Requirements of Album component:
– organize / re-arrange albums+photos
– title and date albums

Requirements of Photo component:
– allow users to Share links: URL, HTML, BBcode
– allow suers to upload photos (original sizes preferred)
– allow users to rate and comment photos
– allow users to embedd and share photos
– allow users to assign photos to albums
– should show latest uploaded photos on main page.

Details are on the attachments:
– Gallery2 (
– Html
– Jquery / Javascript
– Php
– Joomla (backend)

Entire Project:

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