Re Vamp Excell Doc

I have afree excel spreadsheet that is used for real estate calculations. Unforunately it’s buggy. If I open a NEW copy of it, it works fine. However if I try to insert a new sheet and have several tabs of the same calculator for different properties, certain calculations become incorrect.

Please take a look at the spreadsheet. I’ve attached two: The 10-year-analyzer seems to work fine … the other does not. (the one that has tabs, “school, pleasant, etc.” — try changing management to 2% from 8% for example and then scroll down to the table where annual data is and you’ll see it doesnt change.

I’d like this sheet to be made with formulas that I can see. Also, please lock the formulas and make ONLY the items shaded in yellow editable and make all blank cells editable. PLEASE DOUBLE TRIPLE QUADRUPLE CHECK your work. decisions involving thousands of dollars will be made using the data from this calculator.

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